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A heart of flesh...
Justice Cinema
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July and August Calendar
Sundays - 5pm Worship

Sundays - Food not Bombs
10am @ the Washington Neighborhood Center

Tuesdays - $2 Tuesdays
7pm @ Capitol Dog (20th St and Capitol)

July 11th
7pm @ 1812 J Street
Art Show featuring Monica Vega and poetry by Jake Tucker

July 26th
   1-4pm @ Fremont Park
(Q st and 15th st)
Peace on the Grid
(see article)
   5pm @ Fremont Park
Wage Peace worship service

July 27th
7pm @ Sacramento Friends Community Church (40th and E st)
Glorious Unseen in Concert

August 3rd
6pm @ Butch n Nellies (19th st and I st)
Justice Cinema

August 8th
7pm @ 1812 J Street
Art Show
Artists TBA
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Dear Friends,
We've had a few action-packed months.  We've gained some new members and are facing the loss of three of our most core members as they move across the country.

There is a lot coming up on the horizon this summer and fall, and as we try to re-group from the impending loss of core-group members, we covet your prayers and support.

Hopefully those of you in the Sacramento area will be able to join us in some of the events we have going on this summer - and those who are further, we hope you are with us in spirit.

Rebecca Tucker
Pastor/Church Planter
Midtown Friends Community

A Heart of Flesh: Pentecost At Midtown Friends
On Pentecost (may 31st) we had eight first-time visitors join us for our service.  there were Christians new to town and looking for a place to land, people who hadn't been in church for a while and wanted to check us out, and non-Christians with no interest at all in faith but enough curiosity about what a Quaker church with a woman pastor and arts emphasis was doing in the heart of downtown Sacramento.

We shared stories, art, poetry...and hope.  It was a powerful service and the beginning of several relationships that have continued to blossom over the last month.

The theme of the night was "a heart of flesh" focusing on how the greatest gifts of the Spirit are faith, hope, and love and how the capacity to love may be the greatest, most miraculous God has performed for us.
Justice Cinema
justice cinema logo
Every month we've been meeting at Butch n' Nellies to screen a film about modern-day slavery.  This month, we screened Dreams Die Hard.  It is an excellent short film (about 36 minutes) that you can watch online here.  I highly recommend watching it.  It tells three stories of survivors of slavery in America and modern-day underground railroads.

After this month's film, a group of people hung around to discuss and brainstorm how we can end slavery in America.  We were able to make good connections with some new people and are looking forward to collaborating with another local church whose members came to see the film.

It is times like that - when we are able to share in the depth and breadth of God's love and justice - when we know that God is in what we are doing.  Please continue to pray for this ministry and for it to bring new people into our community as we really seek to believe the Gospel enough to live it.
Peace on the Grid
peace on the grid logo
On Sunday, July 26th, we will be hosting a peace fair.  We hope to raise awareness and have good conversations about peace - not necessarily national peace or a non-violent approach to physical aggression, but on the deeper nature of peace.  We'll have tables for conversation around spiritual peace, intrapersonal peace-making (or peace within yourself), interpersonal peace-making, family and neighborhood peace-making, and global peace-making.  We will also have live art and a tent for children to engage the issue of peace. 

The capstone of the event will be a church service around "waging peace" (which is one of our core community commitments).

Our hope is that this will be a service to midtown - encouraging people to wage peace on each other, on the neighborhood, on the world - and particularly to invite God to wage peace within them.  We also hope that this event will draw new people into our community as we seek to live the Gospel of our precious Prince of Peace together.

Please keep this day in your prayers.  We are hoping to have 5 people praying for each hour of the event.  If you would like to be one of these special prayer partners, please send email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Also, this event is sadly, not too cheap.  We are hoping to raise $500 to offset the costs of offering this free to the public.  If you would like to contribute, you can do so via paypal here.
Minister to Musicians
As I mentioned at the beginning of this newsletter, we are losing three key members this fall - one possibly as early as August - as they move across the country back to their home in Missouri.  Ven, Michal, and Davey Smith will be leaving us.  Ven was Rebecca's original connection to the EFCSW and a huge part of why she chose Sacramento to start the church.  Ven has been leading music at our worship services and Davey has been drumming and singing with him.  Losing all three of them is a huge blow to this tiny seedling community. 

As we look to the future and try to envision a Midtown Friends without them, the picture is different than we had originally envisioned.  One huge piece of that, obviously is music at Midtown Friends.  We are hoping that by August or September at the latest, we will find someone to replace Ven in leading music.  But this position will be more than just leading musical worship.  The idea behind this position would be to raise up and disciple a community of musicians who can lead music at Midtown Friends on their own as well as write songs that are unique to Midtown Friends - and speak specifically to life with God in Midtown Sacramento.

This would be a paid position - where we would work with the minister to musicians to raise the funds for his/her position.  If you or someone you know might be interested in this position, please send email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or, if you are interested in being a part of the financial support for this position, you can donate specifically to this cause here.
Thank you again for all your prayers and support!  We could not do this without you!

Rebecca Tucker
Pastor/Church Planter
Midtown Friends Community
We still have thousands of dollars in matching funds waiting to be matched!

Rebecca's fundraising goal for October '08 - October '09 is $10,000.  She has $4,000 left.  She could be very grateful for any help you can provide in reaching that goal in the next 4 months.

You can donate through PayPal by clicking here.
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