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Powderburn 2010
Our annual snow trip was another wonderful retreat weekend for our staff and students. Every year we are blessed to be able to have Ken and Linda's beautiful cabin an their generous support of this trip and this year was no different. (Thanks again guys!) Another huge thanks to our "Pops," Mike Axford who has been our inhouse cook for the last several years. We ate like kings and he was a huge blessing aw well! Thanks to Brad as well for giving us his time, truck and energy to pull off this adventure!

powderburn 2010

Powderburn 2010,  Cold Springs, CA

Despite the beautiful snowflakes and blanket of white that frosted the trees, the highlight of Powderburn continued to be the nights of worship and the amazing encounters with God that students and staff experienced.


One of the highlights for me was on Saturday night. The living room of the cabin was softly lit with candlelight as we listened to Dom read one of the Psalms. After he read it we sat quietly and meditated for a few moments before Dom opened up a time of discussion. During this time the students began to ask questions about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit,  faith, ect. It was really neat to hear their questions and how they really began to understand God and how he is working in their lives. Some upper classmen even spoke up and offered their own insight to help answer some of their peers' questions. The coolest part however was not what happened up at the cabin that night, but rather what happened the following Sunday morning during youth. A couple of freshman had gone home from Powderburn and read their bibles everyday that next week and dug deeper into God's word, so much so that they has come to church with more questions and contagious passion for reading their Bibles and learning more about God.


It was awesome to be a witness to God's work in our high schoolers while up in Powderburn and I would like to ask for your prayers. Specifically, that God would continue to work in the lives of these students and that he would help us as leaders to seek out where He is working and join Him in His work.



Cala (on behalf of dom)

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Summer Camp at Jenness Park: August 2-7, 2010

Teens with Toilet Paper

serve day tp

It's not what you think!! There was no Tee-Peeing of houses involved - I promise! However there was quite a bit of toilet paper in the hands of teenagers.


Due to a scheduling overlap between Powderburn and the Nor-Cal Friends Serve Day this year, we were not able to attend the Serve Day project in Midtown. We still wanted to be a part of the project so we decided to fill one of the needs on our own.

One of the serve projects that was planned for Serve Day was to do a toilet paper collection because there is a great need for this in the homeless ministry of Midtown Friends. So, one Wednesday in February we canvassed a local neighborhood and collected the T.P. We collected a good amount of tissue that night, dispite people's unfounded reluctance to hand over rolls of toilet paper to random teens knocking on their doors..... :)

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